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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Being A Boss.

You know what, my dearies? You should start calling me Madam Boss from now on. :) I just got promoted to be the CEO of a super big company and gets to sit around looking fabulous all the time and signing million dollars contract.

What? You don't believe me????! I'm not kidding okay?!! Here's a photo to prove I'm a genuine boss. You don't get to sit in such extravagant office everyday okay? 

*professional signing-a-contract pose*

Believe me now????????? YES??????????

LOL. Okay lah you guys are not fooled. T________T
FINE. Guess I just don't really have the Madam Boss look. :'( Duhhhhhhh!

LOL, actually I was having a gig in a really awesome furniture shop! It was the opening ceremony of the shop so they need a string quartet to entertain the crowd. 

It feels really good to work in such a beautiful place, and the best thing is.............

Wine, Cheese, Ham/Bacon? LOL whatever I'm not really a food expert. XD

Hahahaha taking a picture with the really huge cheese and enormous goat leg??? I tried them and omg it is not like those usual cheese or ham we buy from the market. The taste is totally different, I dunno how to explain. T_____T Just so good!!!!!!!
Didn't taste the wine because I'm not really a wine person. 

The shop is really crazily big. Took some pictures of different furniture set-ups inside!

So that's how the inner part of a sofa looks like. Hmm.

This drawer/cupboard thingy is so pretty!!!!!!!!!! Mad love! And can drag the lower part out to be a stool!

There's also a foreigner demonstrating how to do the quilt pattern on the sofa!!! His hands are too fast I can't catch it! 

One of the furniture brands in the shop.

Before ending the post, wanna show you guys a really cute gift I got from Hirai! :))) 
Very pretty stone bunny with beautiful ruby eyes! :)))
Thank you so much! Really love it! :)))))

That's all for today! Mwah!!!!!

PS: Really enjoy practising a lot! Practising gives me the kind of fulfilled feeling if you know what I mean? The feeling of accomplishment and the joy of mastering new skill. :) I'll work harder and harder! :)))))) 


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