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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shits We Say. :D

Hi peeps! LOL I'm going to leave for KL tomorrow so basically I won't have internet for 2 whole days, considering the day after tomorrow's flight to Shanghai. So I'm going to update my blog a lot today! XDDDD

I had SO MUCH FUN chatting with my baby Sera yesterday midnight over these videos! Hahahahahaa!!!!! Totally bitchy but so funny!!!!!! :DDDDD

Let's start with Shit Asian Girls Say.
Guess it'll be more relatable since most of my readers are Asians LOL LOL.

Some of my favs in this vid is:
"I've nothing to wear!"
"Don't touch me, that's bad luck!"
"Babeh, babeh...."
"Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci, Prada Prada Prada Prada Prada, Don't even get me started on Chanel!"

And here's Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys!
Well, I'm totally not against gay guys because I think they're all beautiful God's creation like every one of us. 
Can't really understand all those haters.
Somemore, they say gay guys are girls' bestfriends! :DDDDDD
I would love to have a gay friend so I can say all these shits to him! Hahahaha! 

My favs in this video is:
"I know this guys right, he's gay too! You should totally meet him, you guys gonna be perfect together!"
"Hey betch!!!!"
*singing Born This Way*
"What do you mean you're not coming? That's so gay! No offense. I mean stupid gay, not gay gay."
"There's a creep from upstairs, pretend to be my boyfriend." 
"Does my butt look fierce in these jeans???"
"All the good guys are gay!!!!"

Last one, Shit Black Girls Say

I love it that the guy acting as the girl in this vid is soooooo manja! hahahaha!!!! And I love the accent!

My favs in this video are:
"Delete, delete, delete!" *wags fingers*
"Ohhhh turn it up! That's my jammmmm!"
"She is crayyyyzeeeee!"
"Look at her shoesssss!" *pretend not staring*

LOL I pretty much laughed my ass off watching these videos yesterday. Hope you guys do too! :DDDDDDD Enjoy!!!

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