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Friday, January 18, 2013

Miao乌咖啡屋 - The Home of 16 Kitties.

I'm not much of a cat person, but a visit to Miao乌咖啡屋 (CATS Cafe) in Shanghai totally changes me into a cat fanatic! I bet you will too, after you finish reading this post! :D

I got to know about this place from Maggie, the ultimate cat lover in our dorm. Haha! I saw her pictures in Wei Xin and had been really curious about coming to this place. :) I really want to know how is the cafe with 16 cats inside? Won't they attack the comers? And wouldn't the place be all smelly with all the cats poo and pee?

So I went there with Hirai the day before coming back to Malaysia. And was greeted by this sleeping black cat when I got in. :D It doesn't even wake up with I snapped this pic! :D Too used to human already. XD

There was this magnificent lion-looking cat. :D The shop owner says you can know the mood of the cat by looking at its eyes. 
Look at these 2 pics you will know what she means. Haha.

"Who's there?!?!?!"

"Okay, just another idiot taking my picture."

They have their own places to sleep in! :D

Some cute childhood pictures of the cats hanging on the wall. :)

Pretty decorations!

All the cats there are really tame, you can hug them, pat them whatever you want, they don't seem to mind. :)

Some cats' bio handmade by the shop owner! :) I snapped some interesting ones. Read if you understand Chinese! :)

Very ugly Garfield. HAHAHA.

The cat that looks like Hitler LOL.


This one must be a new-comer, because it's the youngest looking one there. :D

 I ordered rose-caramel-milktea for RMB 38. :)

There are altogether 3 floors in the building! I went in the toilet and saw this cat with super bushy tail leaping into the sink. XD

The cat means it when it says it hates camwhoring. HAHAHAHAHA! *killer eyes!*

It decided to ignore me and drank from the water tap. :D

Gymnast! :D

There was another cat jumping up and walking on the edge of the toilet bowl. I was staring at it and wishing that it would not do what I thought it would do.........


A cat can sleep like this (messy ball). XD

Or like this (ladylike). :D 

This cat looked so fierce I decided to leave it alone. O.O

Then I saw the roundest cat in the cafe! :DDDDD SUPER ROUND FACEEEEE.

The very enjoyed face. XD

The people there called this cat "PIG" because it's so fat. XD Look at its tummy!

And the big fat ass.

And say hello to the UGLIEST cat in the cafe. LOL.
Ugliest but the most popular, because it's too ugly until it becomes cute already. HAHAHAHA. 

One cute thing that nobody can resist is its tongue. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Look so noob omg! XDDD

Then let's meet the prettiest cat in the cafe. Its name is Coco. Always have the sleeping beauty look. Haha.

Oh yeah did I mention, you might be seeing the pictures of the same cats twice or thrice because I kept walking up and down the 3 floors. XDDDD
The 2nd time I visited the toilet, this cat is still at the sink. XD

Played with the black cat.......

But it doesn't like me! T_______T

The shop owner said that cats personally think that they are human beings as well. When they see other cats, they will think like, "What sort of creature is this? Tsk tsk tsk."

Look at this cat having this philosophical look on its face. Like it is thinking about something. O.O

Posing for the camera. This picture fit enough to go on Cat Vogue. :D

3rd time visiting the toilet. Kitty seems to have some improvement in camwhoring. :D
It started to act cute in front of the camera. :D

Somemore interact with me. HAHAHAHA! :D

:) No more killer look! Wheepieee!!

the cat that drinks from the toilet bowl! It has amazing eyes. :)

Sleepyhead that sleeps like a messy furry ball. :D

Wakey wakey!

This pic kinda reminds me of the smiling cat in Alice in The Wonderland!

So chubby I gonna die!

Then I went back to find the roundest cat. :D It loves belly rub. :)


Kitty meditating in the sink.

Hello miss sleeping beauty!

It was very nervous so you can see it digging its nails into my socks. T____T *painful*

Biggy eyes!

Again, some very ugly but kinda cute pictures of the ugliest cat in the cafe. LOL.

Really very ugly ma, look at the pig nose! XD 


And here's the very serious kitty that takes all the photo session too seriously. LOL LOL!

One last picture with the smiling cat! :DDDD

Love this cafe so much! Will visit it again next time! For those who are interested, it's located at 天平路91弄34号 in Shanghai! :)

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